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What Are Fibroadenomas?:

Fibroadenomas are round, firm, rubbery masses that arise from excess growth of glandular and connective tissue. These masses can grow to the size of a small plum, but they're benign and usually painless. If you have a fibroadenoma, it may bounce or move slightly when you press the area.

Fibroadenomas respond to hormonal changes and tend to enlarge during pregnancy and shrink after menopause. Women of any age may have them, but they're usually detected in women in their 20s or 30s. Your doctor can't tell from a clinical breast exam alone whether a breast lump is a fibroadenoma. Mammography and ultrasound may help with the diagnosis, but the only way to be certain of a fibroadenoma is to take a sample of tissue for lab analysis (biopsy). Your doctor may also recommend surgery to remove the lump completely.

Fibroadenomas sometimes disappear spontaneously. But your doctor may recommend surgical removal if a fibroadenoma persists, gets larger or you're anxious about it.

Symptoms of Fibroadenoma

Some common symptoms of Fibroadenoma :

  • Lumps may be moveable, painless, firm, or rubbery, with well-defined borders
  • May grow in size, especially during pregnancy
  • Bone pain
  • Breast is no longer symmetrical, compared with what it previously looked like
  • usually painless, firm to hard, with irregular borders
  • Pain accompanied by redness and warmth or discharge from the nipple may indicate an infection.
  • Retraction, enlargement, or itching
  • Redness, accentuated veins on breast surface,

Causes of Fibroadenoma

The common causes of Fibroadenoma :

  • Fibroadenomas are usually found as solitary lumps, but about 10-15% of women have multiple lumps that may affect both breasts.
  • Underlying medical conditions are other medical conditions that may possibly cause Fibroadenoma.
  • It is also important to remember that hormonal changes just prior to menstruation may cause a lumpy or granular feeling to the breast tissue.
  • The cause is not completely understood but is believed to be associated with ovarian hormones, since the condition usually subsides with menopause and varies with the menstrual cycle.
  • Benign breast tumours such as fibroadenomas or papillomas are abnormal growths which do not spread outside the breast to other organs and are not life-threatening.
  • Normal hormonal fluctuations
  • Fibroadenoma is the most common benign tumor of the breast and the most common breast tumor in women less than 30 years of age.
  • Breast Cancer
  • Fibrocystic Breast Disease
  • Fibroadenomas


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